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How to Set up a Survey123 and a Cascade StoryMap
This is a Step by Step Story Map Guide on how to start using ArcGIS Online, Create a Survey123 and a Cascade Story map. It will show you how to add a CSV file with earthquake data, create a School Transport Survey using Survey123 and present results back in a Cascade Story Map. It will also show you how to add new members into your account one by one and by bulk in a CSV file.
Get Set up with your ArcGIS for Schools Account Webinar
The webinar will run through all the steps you need to know to get your ArcGIS for Schools account set up and for you to get up and running using the software.
If you have any questions about your ArcGIS for Schools account or the webinar, please drop us an email to schools@esri-ireland.ie and we will get back to you.
Creating accounts for staff and students
A step by step guide to set up ArcGIS Online accounts for staff and students. This is a Powerpoint file with links to video guides.
Survey123: Develop knowledge, skills and confidence
A learning path containing short videos that introduce Survey123 and help you start using it.
Developing knowledge, skills and confidence with ArcGIS Online
A learning path containing short videos to help you get started using ArcGIS Online.
Fieldwork – mapping data from a spreadsheet
Discover how to collect and map fieldwork data from a spreadsheet using ArcGIS Online.
The importance of geography and GIS
A great introduction to the application of geography and GIS. A short video that explains how geography and GIS are applied to real world problems.
What is GIS?
A short video explaining what GIS is and how it can be used. The video runs for 60 seconds and can be used as an introduction to GIS.
Field Survey Using Survey123 Story map guide
This Story map will break down a Survey123 Field Survey lesson into 6 classes and this story map will show you how to set up your six class program plan The start of the story map will show you how to prepare for your class by setting up the Survey123 survey and then Part Two will show you how to create a Field Investigation web app for your class.
Getting Started With Community Analyst
Community Analyst is part of your school subscription to ArcGIS Online. It gives you detailed socio-demographic data that you can turn into maps at the click of a button. It also allows you to create clear, printable visualisations of that data.
Taming Open Data
Sources of free data for schools, and how to use them.
Where Harvey Hit Hardest
A detailed and sobering look at the vulnerability of communities affected by Hurricane Harvey, and what happened to some of them after the storm.
Territorial Claims of the Antarctic
Learn more about the Antarctic Treaty and its impact on Antarctica through this storymap, chronicling the history of territorial claims and active research bases.
Map Skills Questions
A series of multiple choice/fill in the blank 1 and 2 mark questions, suitable for 9-1 GCSE Geography students. Explore the maps and learn more about the different ways of representing data cartographically. These questions have been developed by the Esri UK Education team. They have not been provided or approved by the exam board.
Global Ecosystems Explorer
This storymap introduces the key concept of a global ecosystem or biome, and includes a step by step guide to describing their distributions. Also includes practice exam questions and mark scheme for peer/self assessment.
Glaciation – past, present and future
This story map takes a look at past and current global and local ice extents; the legacies of glaciation in terms of landforms and living in the landscape. Through a range of maps exercises, links to external web sites, questions, the impacts of glaciation from the global to regional in Britain and Switzerland, glacial erosion, deposition and the state of the cryosphere are explored through maps and images. Some prior knowledge is assumed.
Tornadoes in the US: issues in mapping and risk activity package.
Tornadoes are usually small scale events. Although not true, there is almost an element of bad luck involved in being hit by a tornado even in the worst-hit states (however defined). This StoryMap looks at normalising data, prompts students to seek ways to normalise data and to examine the nature of the risk posed by tornadoes.
Presented with questions and activities based on ArcGIS maps and other sources.
World Population – uneven development
A range of maps and exercises to examine demographic patterns on a global scale.

A useful front of class or revision package, this would work at GCSE or as a refresher for A Level.
Comparing total fertility rates over time
A map comparison app which allows the user to see changes in TFR over the period 1950 to 2015. Some activities are included. They are not obligatory.
World at Risk activity package
This package takes the World at Risk Story Map and encourages students to both review their knowledge and understanding of key concepts and develop discussion about the natures of hazard, risk, vulnerability and capacity to cope.
Haiti Earthquake – activity package
This activity package encourages students to investigate issues around one of the deadliest earthquakes of recent times. Some aspects of this package involve reviewing knowledge and understanding, others require higher level evaulative skills and extended writing.
A Storymap exploring the plight of refugees
War, sectarian violence, and famine have forced more than 50 million people from their homes—the largest number of displaced people since World War II.

This Storymap explores the global displacement of people due to conflict and natural disasters.
Charging Up: Lifecycle of a Battery
A fascinating Storymap that explains the global story of where the raw materials for batteries are found.

It also looks at the manufacturing process and the impact on the local people where the raw materials are found.
Climate migrants
A Storymap exploring the impact of global warming and it's displacement of people.
How to Combine Color and Size Effectively in Your Maps
A great blog post discussing how to use Smart Mapping in ArcGIS Online to map two variables at one point.
Elevation profile tool
An easy to use elevation profile tool to look at cross sections of the landscape.
Great for map skills and understanding landscape characteristics.
Also great for looking at subduction zones
Urbanised populations 1995 and 2015
This resource is a swipe map for comparing urbanised populations over time.

Clicking on countries reveals pop-ups with more information and the 'swipe' element shows changes, which a dramatic for the 20 year period under consideration. Data from UN.
Heat mapping in ArcGIS Online
An in depth blog post from the ArcGIS Online team explaining how to create heat maps in ArcGIS Online
Earthquake data
Earthquake data from the United States Geological Survey.
Select time period that you want and download the .csv file.
Just drag and drop the file onto the map in ArcGIS Online to see the distribution, magnitude and depth of the earthquakes.
How to create flow line maps in ArcGIS Online
Learn how to create flow line or sphere of influence maps using ArcGIS Online.
ArcGIS Online – an online course for beginners
A series of five self paced lessons based on Hawaii that will get you started with ArcGIS Online.